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In Bethlehem”, A Hands-On Holy Night Experience”.


” A Night in Bethlehem” is an entailing and enlightening trip of the Market Location in little Bethlehem. When you walk through the church you will discover a terrific environment of interactive industries. Site visitors will certainly get a far better understanding of how life used to be in those days once they fulfill the Bethlehem residents. These residents dress in period attire as well as demonstrate the various crafts and also trades of the moment.


Among the “a Night in Bethlehem” big destinations is that the core focus is guided to understanding exactly what Xmas actually indicates. It’s true that Christmas celebrations involve a lot of parties yet this tour takes people back to why the Christmas Season is celebrated.


God’s Son, Emmanuel the everlasting eternal light, was conceived and born according to prophecy. God loved us so much that he sent Jesus, His only Son, as a humble little baby, to come to us in an unlikely way and as well as an unlikely time. Who would have thought a child born in this way would certainly become our Savior?

Our trips are well intended to leave with a tour guide every ten minutes. The team quits at each market for a few minutes to obtain a short quick from the tourist guide. And several of the marketplaces will have you participate with painting a tree accessory, or making a timber memento, tasting bread or scenting natural herbs. You will certainly get the opportunity to go to Joseph as well as Mary in the manger and also pet some of the animals.


The event is presented by the Richmond Family Worship Center volunteers. The event is cost-free to every person, to offer both the young as well as the aged a chance to enjoy a Night in Bethlehem.


Free family members pictures will certainly likewise be made throughout the occasion for those that sign up. There will certainly likewise be refreshments as well as snacks (not age right), just give the attendant among the gold coins you got when you got in Bethlehem Gates.


We welcome everybody ahead check out Richmond Family Worship Center @ 7424 Belmont Rd, Chesterfield VA 23832.


” A night in Bethlehem” takes place on Friday and Saturday, December 15 & 16 at exactly 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm. Come anytime throughout those times and also go through the Bethlehem market and step back in time to the night that the Christ child was born, the Greatest Gift ever given!


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